Sam's Structures

One thing I learned from Sam is building good structures takes planning. One technique he used was to fit the major pieces together before painting or gluing, using tape if necessary to hold them together. If anything didn't fit right, out come the files, sandpaper, knives, etc. to get those pieces to fit.

I thought I knew how to weather models, and I was on the right track, but Sam taught me  how to weather structures his way, which was far superior. The first lesson was to have a reason for the weathering. That is, what would the weather do to this structure over time. Why would there be rust here, or a darkening (or lightening) of color be there. Where do cracks usually appear. By observing the weathering of real structures, one can do a realistic job on a model. It was all common sense, but somehow I had never looked at it that way before. The next lesson was on the modeling techniques to accomplish this. We sat down together, picked a structure, and he carefully directed me step-by-step through each technique. Did I mention Sam was a master teacher?

Here are some examples of Sam's work. He built several structures for my Swiss layout. Once he got going, it seemed he couldn't stop coming up with more models I had to have. The whole village of Muffikon arose from a simple suggestion of his that I needed to have a small stop on my upper loop. I disagreed with his suggested location, and countered with a village at the foot of the planned mountain. That was all it took to get his juices flowing. See the discussion of this in my own layout web site.

I've collected these structures based on where they will live on my layout:

Schloss Moxiberg

And finally, structures we have which won't be on the layout: Misc.